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Dedicated to helping founders reach new heights

At Shasta, we are deeply committed to passionate entrepreneurs that are building businesses that will change the world. We believe strongly in supporting those entrepreneurs and helping them to figure out how to iterate through the challenges of being an early-stage company and to build and grow and scale.

Shasta has a 15-year track record of investing in groundbreaking startups like Anaplan, Canva, Zuora, Nest, Nextdoor, SendBird, Tonal, Lattice, Glint, Highspot, and hundreds more. 

We now invest in innovative early-stage startups in sectors like SaaS, cybersecurity, infrastructure, data intelligence, and consumer subscription. By focusing on early-stage, we can dive deeper to partner with our portfolio and give them the resources they need to reach new milestones, faster. 

Throughout the years, we have discovered a set of problems that early-stage startups encounter, and we built Shasta Elevate to help us provide the agile support founders need when they need it. Elevate was built by top industry experts to help our portfolio accelerate to key milestones faster. Unlike other platform programs, Elevate doesn't tell founders what to do but instead teaches them how to execute. The program consists of a proven methodology and a set of comprehensive playbooks that dive deep into the obstacles and challenges of early-stage startups. 


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