Elevate is our program of hands-on labs and applied templates to help founders grow their expertise and companies. Industry experts work directly with founding teams to improve how they drive revenue, build teams, deploy technology and implement processes.


You got your first customers and your first $1M, now what?

Learn what it takes to put in all the pieces to get to $10M and beyond in our revenue labs.



Step up your marketing and add rigor to the process. Identify your ideal customer, position your product, run your campaign, and evaluate the results—all so you can do it better the next time.

It's time to transition from founder-led sales. Learn how to grow, manage and scale sales.

Getting revenue is only half the challenge. Delight customers and turn them into champions to grow even faster.

Whether it's new funding, new features, or new staff, you'll have news to share. Learn how to get covered far and wide.

When you exist in an ecosystem you have two choices: react to it or shape it. Learn to actively craft your market to improve success.


What does it take to find AND keep your most important asset?

You got great people, they're scrappy and they have gotten you this far. But what will your team need to look like next year? And how will your culture evolve? Find out what will work best for you through our team labs.



Who should you hire and where will they sit? Growing fast means thinking about how your organization should be built before you get there.

Culture drives every choice every employee makes—define yours before it defines you. Craft your purpose, define your values, and then learn what it takes to operationalize a culture that will bolster your success for years to come.

Take advantage of a talent platform that utilizes expert AI-assisted human recruiters backed by an exclusive database to find, vet and attract candidates that fit your specified requirements and culture. For more information contact your friend(s) at Shasta.


Are your technology and business stacks ready for growth?

Your infrastructure is solid but what happens at 10x or 100x the customers? Get prepared and plan ahead in our infrastructure labs.



Every business collects and uses data, for some it's their lifeblood. As your company grows scalability and governance become important concerns. Adapt best practices to your situation with one of our experts.

Keeping the company secure is critical to your success, but your security will also be scrutinized by your clients, investors, and acquirers. We'll connect you to the people and resources you need to make sure your data, your customers, and your people are safe and happy.


Get ready to take your company to new heights.

You've brought the company this far, now it's time to go further. Become more than a founder and learn what it takes to be a growth leader in our leadership labs.



Are you prepared for the next round or the right exit? Make sure you have what you need, and it's part of your operational plan.

With more investors and a bigger board comes new challenges. Learn how to foster productive relationships and lead your board with confidence.

Which key meetings do we need? Should we do strategic planning? We should implement OKRs, right? Every company is different. Work with our leaders to discover and define the best way to keep your company running.

No one has ever succeeded alone—even the best leaders learn from others. Get better with one on one coaching from folks who've been in your shoes and can help you avoid the mistakes they have made.